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... but then I don't get around to it.

So, obviously a lot has happened since I last posted. My grandpa's been in and out of the hospital, my grandma's in the hospital now, and my great aunt died.... so yeah, hasn't been the happiest week for me. But at the same time, classes finally started here at UCLA, and I'm getting to know folks better and such, and generally having a good time. It just sucks being away from my family at the time when I feel like I should really be there.

This week I learned that 12 bottles of Smirnoff Ice in a night is a really bad idea... although it's fun at the time.

John Papadopoulos seems to delight in torturing me, by encouraging my fellow students in his archaeology class to give me a hard time during my presentation next Friday. Oh, joy. As if I wasn't stressing about it enough already. It'll be a good character-building exercise ;).

I should be reading some Plautus right now, as I've only gotten through 60 lines of the 550 I need to read by Thursday. But hearing from my dad tonight really killed all the motivation I had, so instead I watched some TV, did some reading (of non-school-related stuff), and played Final Fantasy IV on gameboy for a while. Apparently I'm a bum and doomed to fail out of grad school. At least my Greek and Latin diagnostics seem to have gone decently, so they haven't kicked me out already ;).

OK, enough for now....


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